Betsoft Brings Excitement to the G2E Asia

Many in the online gambling industry are preparing for G2E Asia in mid-May of 2016, and most are looking forward to the introduction of three new games being released by Betsoft throughout the rest of the year. Frankenslot's Monster and BIRDS! will be unveiled as part of the company's Slot 3 Series. Betsoft will also be allowing a sneak peek at the release schedule for another title this year, Rise of the Dragon.

Freaky, Frightening Fun with Frankenslot's Monster

Frankenslot's Monster is based on the classic story, "Frankenstein", by Mary Shelley, and the title creates an interactive experience between the player and the characters in the game. Frankenslot's Monster's scatter symbol will award free spins and wilds are present to increase a player's chance of a big win. The gameplay and graphics suggest another rousing success for Betsoft.

Follow the Story While Spinning the Reels in Rise of the Dragon

Betsoft created Rise of the Dragon Slots with a plot to give players a new way to enjoy the exciting new title; gamers will follow the main character, Hana, as she travels through many different worlds to save her father and the family's honor. Gamblers will be treated to what's shaping up to be an artistic masterpiece in online slot play; the game's graphics are spot on and a wonder to behold.

The Gaming Industry Flocks to Betsoft's new BIRDS!

The most anticipated Betsoft game reveal may the most anticipated event of the entire three-day show. BIRDS! is expected to be one of the biggest game releases for Betsoft to date. The slot's innovative game play coupled with what is shaping up to be a major jump in slot machine graphics could make BIRDS! a historic masterpiece that may have long and lasting effects on the online casino gaming industry as a whole. In fact, it's safe to say that BIRDS! is creating more buzz than that of any game in a long time, and possibly even more than any other game that the company has previously released.

More Surprises at G2E Asia

While Betsoft's impending releases are generating much of the anticipation for the upcoming G2E Asia event, it is far from the only team planning to give visitors their first looks at new products and game titles. The excitement generated by Betsoft will result in more traffic for other developers and the games that they have created. As for those who cannot attend G2E Asia in person, keep an eye out online to learn what other exciting news will come out of the upcoming event.