Take a Step into the Velvet Lounge

Merkur has just released the Velvet Lounge slot for players to try. This one has a classic Twenties theme and takes you into a club filled with gems to search for. Your hostess for the game will also appear, and you can expect a few other features to pop up as well.

But does this game really have what it takes to become a solid and popular slot?

How many reels and lines can you expect to see here?

If you like slots that only have a fairly small number of paylines, this will be the one for you. It only has five of them - the same as the number of reels you can play with.

What variety of bets does Velvet Lounge allow?

Check the coin values in the bottom right corner. These go from just one cent up to $10. That seems to be the total bet too, which means you are playing five lines for just a cent! That's unusual, but the total bet amount does show as that, so bear this in mind.

Can you expect any valuable symbols to show up?

Er, no - there are six gems here, each of which is worth a certain amount depending on whether you can find three, four or five on one line. The hostess also makes an appearance on the paytable and she is the top prize, with five bringing the top amount depending on your bet.

You can adjust your bet value as you look at the paytable too. This is worth doing because the prizes will change as you do so. It means you can work out what prizes you might get for particular wins.

Does Velvet Lounge have a bonus feature?

No - and there is no wild or scatter either, surprisingly. This is about as basic a slot as you can get, especially when you take into account the fact it only has five lines.

The one thing you can get is some free re-spins if you manage to get three symbols on three reels at the same time. This means you get three spins without any cost to you.

Download and play the Velvet Lounge slot today!

This is worth a go, definitely, but more seasoned players won't find anything here to amuse them for very long. New players might just like it though, so if that includes you, give it a shot.