Head Out on The Hunt from Cozy Games Today

Any new slot is worth looking at in more detail, and The Hunt is definitely worthy of that requirement. It is very unusual indeed, and it may be a bit overwhelming when you first see it.

So let's tackle it together to see what you might spot on the reels.

How many reels and lines can you expect to see here?

There are five reels and no fewer than 100 lines. There are also eight rows, which is far more than the usual three.

What variety of bets does The Hunt allow?

Coin values are chosen on the right and go from one to 15 cents a time. You can also opt for one to four coins per line.

Can you expect any valuable symbols to show up?

The wild symbol is just that word, but it can appear stacked on the reels, taking up several spaces. It will replace most other symbols but not the scatter. This is a forest scene with claw marks across it. It sounds scary but you will want it to appear because it could bring you 15 free games. You have to get a scatter on each of reels one, three and five to trigger this.

Does The Hunt have a bonus feature?

Actually no, it doesn't - not beyond the free spins. However, the symbols can appear stacked on the reels, and that can make it easier to snag a few wins. This is one of the reasons why the game is made up of eight rows instead of three - it needs more to be able to display properly. It does give you more to look at as well.

Download and play The Hunt slot today!

The animation in this slot is very impressive. Every time certain symbols combine to form a win, they will animate. This means you get to see the animals moving around in the background, which can be quite good to watch. It does add some depth to the game.

Obviously, your winnings will depend on the amount you bet, not to mention how lucky you are. But you will enjoy the experience of hunting for animals in The Hunt, and it certainly does live up to its title. Cozy Games has done well to come up with this slot, and it makes a change from the usual five-reel layouts as well.