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Bulletproof Babes Slots

Bulletproof Babes Slots Modern Manga meets traditional martial arts in this unique action packed 5 reel and 20 pay line slot title. It is time to activate your inner warrior as you get ready for combat with a total of five powerful princesses. Each of these fiercely fighting royal ladies possesses the power of an earthly element. Now you are about to witness firsthand how it is like when water, metal, earth, fire and wood clash with each other. Are your fighting skills good enough to make you come out of the fight as the winner and the receiver of large cash prizes? The answer on that important question lies on the battle stage of Bulletproof Babes Slots .

Cirque Du Slots

Cirque Du Slots The circus is in town. Stop what you are doing and come to see the spectacular Cirque Du Slots show today. This sensational 5 reel and 25 pay line i-Slot title from Rival Gaming will definitely move you to the edge of your seat. The breathtaking Cirque Du Slots show takes place on the slot machine reels. Funny clowns march into the screen on stilts, and death-defying acrobats fly across the reels when they perform their daring stunts. A day at the circus was never so fun and never so lucrative. Make sure that you experience the show today, because you definitely do not want to miss out on all the fun.

Diamond Cherries Slots

Diamond Cherries Slots Shiny diamonds become your best friend in the classic Diamond Cherries Slots game from Rival Gaming. Spin to your fortune with the help of classic looking symbols like diamonds, sevens, bars and diamond cherries. The game play and the visuals are really straightforward in this slot title. You will see exactly what kind of symbols you need to collect, when you take a peek at the constantly displayed pay table on the right side of the screen. These characteristics make this game an excellent choice for if you are a new casino gambler, who just starts to play online slot titles. But this three reel and one pay line game will also fulfill all your gambling desires when you are an experienced slot reel spinner.

Five Times Wins Slots

Five Times Wins Slots Boost up the casino gambling action with Five Times Wins Slots from developer Rival Gaming. This brand new three reel and three pay line slot title lets you collect the really big prizes, because it boasts exactly the right cash winning features. The five times wins slots game screen has a classic look and it has a pay table that is very easy to understand. That makes it convenient for you to see exactly what kind of prizes and symbols you should chase. You should be especially on the lookout for the lucrative 5x symbol. This wild attribute substitutes for other available symbols, and it multiplies your payouts by five. Other traditional icons in the game are the bars, the cherries and the sevens.

Frogged Slots

Frogged Slots Play Frogged Slots from Rival Gaming, and support Mr. Frog in his endeavor to cross a dangerous three-lane road. Fast moving vehicles are big and dangerous objects for a little frog who likes to cross the road, but they do not always pose a threat in this 5 reel and 20 pay line, retro style, slot title. The yellow bulldozes, which are some of the biggest vehicles on the road, turn out to be very beneficial, and especially when they appear on the slot reels in a group of at least three. Once this happens, you receive seven free spins, and you have a chance to play the lucrative bonus round.

Tycoon Towers Slots

Tycoon Towers Slots Take the private elevator to your luxurious penthouse suite on the top of Tycoon Towers. In Tycoon Towers Slots from casino software magnate Rival Gaming, you have made a lot of money as a successful business tycoon, and now it is time that you start to make good use of the coins that you accumulated during your various business endeavors. While staying at Tycoon Towers, you will enjoy all the luxuries and amenities that you deserve. The tower staff will make your stay a very comfortable one. Spin the 5 slot machine reels leisurely, and enjoy the round the clock champagne service while you watch how more money comes floating in via the 50 pay lines.

The Best New Slot Titles On Provide You With Unique Gaming Experiences And Amazing Gambling Winnings

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