The Back Nine Slots

Playing The Back Nine Slots

Rival Gaming, the people who invented iSlots, has done it again with their latest entry, The Back Nine. Like Rival’s earlier golf thh2ed slot, Hole in Won, to which this is a sequel, this one is quite obviously aimed at the golfing crowd, and it does not disappoint on any level. So pack up your golf bag and get ready to head for the links with this super new slot!

Golf Graphics

As with most of the iSlots, The Back Nine has a whimsical cartoonish look with numerous images of golf balls and clubs and man and woman golfers. The standout that you will soon notice when playing this game is that there are no playing card symbols. This is one of the terrific aspects of Rival’s game design – they create a set of interesting and original symbols for most of their games, and certainly for their high-end iSlots.

Lay of the Course

15 paylines and 5 reels is enough to keep most slot game addicts hooked for hours and hours, but The Back Nine offers so very much more! The symbols here are contrived to draw the golf lover in: a Driver, a Putter, a Golf Cart, a Golf Trophy, a Golf Bag, and a Lady and Gentlh2an Golfer. Normal returns on this game are expected to range around 93%, but like many other iSlots, this is changeable, depending upon the player’s skill at the bonus round. The maximum achievable return is 99%, which is stunningly high, but, again, that level of return is entirely dependent on how well the bonus round goes.

The Bonus Nine

Every time Rival comes out with a new iSlot with a new bonus round, we are amazed all over again. In the past, the bonus rounds have been varying, often aimed at the X-Box generation. This one obviously has video game influences, but it is completely targeted at golfers.

The bonus round is triggered when the games hits three or more golfer icons. It consists of a mouse driven golf game! Players must play through nine holes, avoiding hazards and lining up difficult shots.

Winning the Skins

Coin values may be set to denominations ranging from 1¢ up to $1. With 15 paylines, and up to 5 coins per line, the maximum bet per spin comes to $75. While that may be a pretty rich bet for a weekend player’s stake, like most Rival games, it is by no means a high roller’s game. In fact, all lines may be played for as little as 15¢ per spin, making this one really approachable for any player, and payoffs can be increased for far less than the full amount.

The jackpot on The Back Nine comes to $3750 if maximum coins per line and all lines are being played. The big win, however, is not the jackpot! On the bonus round, if all lines and maximum coins are being played at the $1 coin value, the big payoff is $12,000 – and that payoff becomes more likely as the player’s skill level increases! Given the potential for 99% returns combined with skill based winnings, this is a game that golfers and video gamers will certainly love.

Play The Back Nine Today!

Rival never disappoints, and The Back Nine is no exception. This is a stellar game that will appeal to all players. Despite its inherent complexity, it is super easy to understand and to use, both for experienced online slot players and for new players. Head on over to your favorite Rival property now and get the reels spinning on this excellent game!