Bovada Casino Adds Multi-Hand Blackjack

Bovada Casino ’s offered Blackjack games online for a while, but the casino stepped up its game with a new addition. Players can now enjoy Multi-Hand Blackjack. This new game is available on any device, including mobile devices through Bovada Mobile Casino.

With Multi-Hand Blackjack, the rules of Blackjack are the same, but you get as many as three hands in each game. This triples your chances of getting a Blackjack. With those hands, you still gain benefits like splitting a hand if you hold a pair or choosing “Double Down” if you think one more card is all you need to win. You go through each hand adding cards, splitting your hand, or doubling down.

Once your hands are set, the dealer reveals just one hand. Your wins are based on a comparison of your three hands against this one hand the dealer has. Payouts on wins are 1:1, ties lead to your bet returning to your account, losses mean you forfeit your bet.

Play Multi-Hand Blackjack at Bovada Casino today. You’ll love having the same rules but more hands leading to a greater potential for big wins.