Types of Wagers at 5 Dimes

Sportsbook, racebook, casino games, live dealer games, poker, bingo, and so much more await players at 5Dimes Casino. If you're new to the casino, placing a bet can seem a little difficult. We have the scoop on what you need to do.

If you haven't already, get started and set up your account. It takes just a few minutes. Head to the cashier and make your deposit, but be sure you claim a bonus that fits your needs. You'll find a number of bonus offers for the different areas of the online casino.

Now, you're ready to start betting. From straight bets to round robins, there's a solid mix of wagering options. Here's the breakdown:

Asian Handicaps

Asian handicaps are frequently used when betting on soccer, but it can be used in any team sport where there are point spreads. It guarantees prizes for selections that have wins or losses.


If-bets are a bet where you start within one bet. If you win that bet, you move on to the next section. If you're wrong, you lose and have to place a new bet. If-bets cover up to 15 selections. Each time you move to a new selection, the amount you can bet increases.

Win and push if-bets work the same way, but this time a win or a push advances you to the next selection. There are also rolling if-bets that allow parlay, straight, or teasers that rely on the outcome of your previous bet in order to determine if you can continue.

Reverses are if-bets that cover both ends of a bet. Your first bet may be one team winning the first game, then the opposite team winning the second and third, and then that first team you picked wins the fourth. You can win on either the first part of that bet or the last part.

Office Pools

In an office pool bet, you're betting on entire sheets of games and win the pot if you have the highest number of correct predictions. In the case of a tie, a tiebreaker is used. Players pick a final score when setting up their office pool bet. The player who guessed the closest to the final score wins the tiebreaker.


Parleys are straight bets (see below for info on straight bets) that get combined into a group to increase payouts. With parlays, you can wager on different sports at the same time. The odds on parlays depend on how many teams you bet on at once.

Open parlays allow you to keep a slot open once you have a better feel on how a team is doing. You can fill it at a later time as long as you have not lost a section of your bet. Progressive parlays increase in value each time you've bet on the right team. There is a minimum you need to meet in order for the odds to increase. In a progressive parlay, ties count as a loss. Similar to progressive parlays, multi-chance parlays differ in that the odds do not increase.

Round Robins

Round robin bets are parlays that get grouped. First, set up your parlay. Second, make it a round robin with 2s or 3s and 5 Dimes Casino creates the wager.

Straight Bets

This is the most popular wager. You pick a team to win a game and bet a set amount of money on that team. In basketball and football, there is a point spread. Look at the site's stats page and find your team. Your team shows a -3 and the opponent shows a +3. The team you bet on needs to win the game by 3 points or more in order to win your bet. If they don't, the win goes to the opposing team.


Teasers are straight bets that are pooled into one bet. Say the line on the stats page is -12 and you place a teaser bet with 6 points, your line becomes -6. You need to get at least 6 points on all parts of your teaser in order to win. Ties also count as a win.

Open teasers are available and work similarly to open parlays. There are also progressive teasers that issue a consolation prize if you blow one of your teaser picks. Ties count as wrong picks in a progressive teaser, and your potential payout increases with every correct pick you make. There are also multi-chance teasers that work like progressive teasers only the payout does not increase.


With a totals wager, you're betting on the person or team with the highest score at the end. There are no spreads. It's a win or lose bet.

While you adjust to the different types of bets, don't risk a lot of money. Starts small while you get used to the different options. As you get used to how it works, increase your wagers and watch your winnings pile up. You'll love making bets at 5 Dimes once you're used to the system.