Do Casinos Pump Oxygen Into The Air?

Do casinos pump oxygen into the air? That's one of the many things players hear about casinos. We've taken some of the top rumors and dug a little deeper. Here's the truth to many of the facts and myths about casinos.

Do Casinos Pump Oxygen Into the Air?

The belief is that casinos add oxygen in the ventilation system to keep players awake longer. If a player doesn't get tired, chances are high that the person will keep playing. Some people say the oxygen is added to the air to make players feel a sense of euphoria whether they win or lose. If they're happy, they'll keep playing. It's also false.

Most companies sell the C, D, or E tank sizes which hold less than an hour's worth of oxygen for one person. They cost hundreds of dollars. You'd need hundreds of tanks to boost the oxygen in a casino enough for it to change the O2 saturation in the air. The cost of pumping enough oxygen into a casino would be crippling.

Do Casinos Watch You on Security Cameras to Pick Who Wins a Slot Jackpot?

Casinos do have security cameras. They're not for spotting winners of slot machines. Slot machines are computerized for fairness. Regulations are in place to make sure prizes are awarded completely at random. No player is favored over another. No one is watching tables or machines and saying, “That machine hasn't had a winner in a week, it's time to hit a button and trigger the jackpot.”

Security cameras are there for security purposes. They're used to watch for people who might be trying to steal or cheat. Those people might be players, but the security cameras can also be used to monitor the staff.

Should Players Skip a Slot Game That Just Had a Winner?

A lot of people think if you play a slot machine that just had a winner, there's no way you'll win. Going back to the slots being computerized, there is no set pattern on when a winner will be chosen. You could play a game, win the jackpot, spin again and win the jackpot again.

The one thing to watch are games that have to award the jackpot but a certain amount. Some slot games have notices that the progressive jackpot will be awarded by the time it reaches $20,000. If you see a game that's reaching this point, you know the jackpot will be awarded soon. It's still not a guarantee that you'll win, but it's getting closer to a winner being randomly selected.

Do Casinos Not Have Clocks or Windows to Keep You Playing Longer?

Casinos generally do not put clocks on the wall. It's not to keep you playing longer, but if you do, the casino is not going to come and tap you on the shoulder and say you've been playing for an hour. It's up to you to ask for the time or find a clock on your own.

You'll also notice that casinos don't often have a lot of windows. This is also a way casinos can keep players involved with the games. If you can't see the sunrise and haven't asked what time it is, hours could have passed without you realizing it.

There's another reason why casinos don't have a lot of windows. The glare on a video slot machine can make it hard for players to see what's going on. If you've ever tried to use your computer or tablet outside in bright sunlight, you'll know how hard it is to see the screen. The same applies to video casino games.

These are just a few of the myths people hear about casinos. Now that you know oxygen is not pumped into casinos, feel free to visit a land-based casino and enjoy the games. Even better, play casino games online and avoid having to drive hours to a casino near you.