Are Slot Machines Really Random?

Ask some players the question, “Are slot machines really random?” and you'll hear “no way.” There are people who believe there is a person who sits in a security room watching cameras and choosing who wins. The theory is that when someone's been chosen, the employee hits a button that triggers the slot machine to give a big payout.

It's not true. Slot machines are really random. There are systems of checks and balances that ensure the randomness of the slot machines in casinos.

Casinos Need to Follow eCOGRA Requirements to Get Accreditation

If you haven't heard of eCOGRA, we'll give you a little insight. Casinos are not granted eCOGRA accreditation without meeting the organization's standards. These key standards are:

  • Ensuring player privacy and security
  • Fair gaming practices
  • Honest marketing practices
  • Preventing underage gambling
  • Proper conduct by the casino operators and game providers
  • Protecting players from fraud
  • Timely payments to players from casinos

To do this, eCOGRA employees constantly inspect casino games, including slots. They play games just as you would do. They ensure that transactions are completed in the time frame they would expect. They also study a machine's track record to make sure the payout percentage matches the game's information. Dozens of workers perform these checks each day.

There are teams who investigate casino operators. Others check the software suppliers, live dealer casinos, and affiliate programs. These checks lead to the Affiliate Trust Seal, Certified Live Dealer Seal, Certified Software Seal, RNG/RTP Reviews, and Safe and Fair Seal. Choose casinos that have a seal of approval from eCOGRA and you're assured the slots are really random.

What Companies Carry eCOGRA Seals?

There are many companies with eCOGRA seals. In fact, there are to many to mention. Microgaming is one. When you load an online casino, scroll to the bottom of the page. You may see the eCOGRA seal at the bottom. If not, head to the Privacy Policy, Responsible Gaming, and Terms of Service pages and read those policies. You can also ask the casino's customer support for more information.

How Do They Make Slots Random?

Today's video slots all start with an idea and software programmers. They create the strings of code that builds the games. In that code are random number generators. These generators continuously run. It doesn't matter if people are not currently playing that game, numbers are still being generated.

These numbers randomly generate the positioning of the reels at a rate of billions of numbers per second. When someone spins the reels, the last number generated decides how the symbols will land.

With billions and billions of numbers and positions created, there's also the fact that the line is determined by a past number created by the random number generator. This makes it impossible for someone to know when a winning pay line will form.

When you play slots online, it's completely random. You could win a jackpot on your first spin or spin hundreds of times and never win more than small payouts. Trust in the fact that slot machines are really random. Play today and maybe the random number generator will lead to a jackpot win.