Use These Three Tips to Help You Be a Savvy Slots Player

People love slots, but some don't understand that there are games that are a waste of money. You probably know you should bet as much as you can without going overboard on every spin. You want to make your money last. Slots use RNG (Random Number Generators) to spin the reels. There are no patterns. Video slots are based totally on luck. The only difference you may find are games with Feature Guarantees that trigger the bonus feature by a set number of spins, and you may pay extra to activate features like that. Here are things you should look for when picking video slots to play at casinos like Slots.LV to improve your odds of winning.

Check the Return to Player Percentage

When possible, find out what the payback percentage or return to player (RTP)) percentage is for the slots you want to play. If the payout percentage is 95 percent, it means the casino gets 5 percent of the money taken in and the other 95 percent is awarded in prizes over time. If the game has an RTP of 97.5 percent, the casino only keeps 2.5 percent, and the rest of the money is given out in prizes. The more money that is given back to players, the better.

Remember that the amount returned to players takes time. You're not guaranteed to take back the RTP during your session. You may never win that much.

Examine How Progressive Jackpots Are Awarded

Make sure you understand how progressive jackpots are awarded. Some games are totally random. The computer selects a winner from anyone playing at that time. Others require you to get a pay line full of three or five matching symbols and the highest possible bet. This second method is a little less random.

For example, Strike Gold, a three-reel slot, requires three Strike Gold logos in order to win the progressive jackpot. You also need to bet all three credits if you want to win the jackpot. Jack the Ripper slots has a randomly awarded jackpot. To win it, you simply need to play the game and hope the computer picks you.

There's one other thing to watch for. Some progressive jackpot slots have a policy that the jackpot will be awarded by a set amount. If the game states, “jackpot awarded by $25,000,” it will be awarded as close to that number as possible. If it's nearing $25,000 without a winner, you may want to focus your attention on that game until the computer picks a winner.

Study the Recent Winners Page

While there are no guarantees, some games seem to have more winners. If you look at the Slots.LV Recent Winners page for October 2017, Dragons slots has had three big winners recently with prizes of $15,016, $16,861 and $61,561. Rise of Poseidon has also had two winners, both winning more than $20,000. Five Times Wins also has had two recent winners taking home $18,631 and $23,790.

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