Survey Results Show Exactly How Casino Players Prefer to Play

No one expected a gunman to fire on people in Las Vegas. After it happened, financial firm Morgan Stanley surveyed a number of men and women and found more than 40 percent plan to delay or cancel trips to Vegas casinos. This isn't great news for a state where the UNLV Center for Gaming Research reports year-to-date revenues of more than $550 million.

Mobile Casinos Continue to Grow in Popularity

Online casinos should see a sharp increase given Morgan Stanley's findings. Per Statista, online gambling accounted for $41.77 billion in 2016. It's expected to increase to $47.11 billion in 2017. Of those numbers, it's been discovered that more players are turning to mobile casinos. Back in 2011, only 7 percent of casino players used mobile casinos. Compare this to about 50 percent in 2016, and, per SuperData, 85 percent of players are using smartphones for casino gaming in 2017. The growth is tremendous.

SuperData also found that the number of users playing on a PC and tablet are about equal at 49 and 50 percent. Smartphone casino players are far in the lead, however. Women are three times more likely to play in a mobile casino than a man is. The average age of today's mobile casino user is 39. This is leading to an increase in the number of slot, table, and video poker games available in mobile casinos.

Security Remains a Primary Concern for Casinos

How do you prefer to play? Do you install apps for your favorite mobile casinos or do you still love to play on your computer? One thing is certain, no matter how you like to play, casinos are doing everything they can to keep your information secure and offer the greatest range of games possible.

Casinos are turning to banking methods like Bitcoin and Paypal and using SSL encryption methods as added means to keeping you safe. While casinos do all they can, you need to do your part too. Make sure you use a secure password that isn't easily guessed. Stop using PASSWORD for your password.

Finally, use a fingerprint or password to unlock your smartphone. This will prevent anyone who gets hold of your phone from being able to access your information. With these extra precautions, you'll be safe while having a lot of fun playing your favorite games.