How Do Progressive Jackpots Work?

Have you ever wondered how do progressive jackpots work? You're not alone. It's a question casinos hear regularly. Stick with us to get a better look into the world of progressive jackpot games.

Prizes Build Until There's a Winner

With progressive jackpot games, the prize pot keeps growing until the computer picks a winner. At that point, it goes back to the programmed starting point and starts to climb again.

Pots build by collecting a percentage of each real money bet from that game or from a collection of games. Say a game is set up to put aside 0.5 percent of every real money bet and players are spending $1 per spin. Each spin puts one penny into the jackpot. Over the span of an hour, 1,000 players have bet $1 each spin. Those 1,000 spins put $10 into the pot. As the hours pass, the total quickly grows.

How Do You Win?

There are a few ways to win the progressive jackpots. One is to get the right combination of symbols. This is typical of progressive video poker games and progressive slots. With progressive video poker, games usually award the progressive jackpot to players holding a royal flush. Slots often require a pay line full of a specific symbol.

In some progressive jackpots, winning the prize depends on betting a bonus game. You might have to make it to the top of a structure or win all the brackets in a tournament grid. If you do, you win the jackpot.

Some progressive jackpots are awarded randomly. You don't even have to get a winning spin or hand. After the round ends, you may get a notification that you've won.

What Are Some Popular Progressive Jackpot Games?

Different casinos have different popular progressive jackpots. A Night With Cleo is one game. This popular Cleopatra slot has a randomly awarded progressive jackpot. There is also a pick 'em gamble feature where you can increase your last prize by choosing the hand that holds a flower. Each correct choice has Cleo removing one article of clothing.

Shopping Spree is another popular progressive jackpot slot. In this bonus slot, you need to get five diamond rings on an active line. You also need to have placed a max bet. If you do those two things, you win the jackpot.

Play Caribbean Hold 'Em and try to win the progressive jackpot. In this game, a royal flush gets you the jackpot. If you get a straight flush, you win 10 percent of the progressive jackpot prize.

Some Bingo games also lead to a progressive jackpot prize. Amazonia Bingo is one of them. When you play all four cards and meet the minimum bet requirements, getting a bingo with the first 30 balls leads to the jackpot prize.

Are you ready to win? Head to your favorite online casino and look for the games that have a jackpot attached to them. Play today and see what happens. You never know if you'll be the next to be chosen.