What Is Max Bet?

It doesn't matter where you play. You're bound to hear the term max bet in any land-based or online casino. You're not sure what that means. We have the answers you need.

What is a Max Bet?

A max bet is the highest possible bet you're allowed to place on a casino game or table. Each game has its own rules. You might be paying a slot where coin values range from 1 to 50 cents. You can bet up to 10 credits on each of the 20 pay lines. Your max bet would be 50 cents times 10 credits times 20 lines. That leads to a max bet of $10 (0.50x10x20).

That's slots, but what about other casino games? Games like Blackjack often have a hand limit. If a casino says there is a hand limit of $200, you cannot bet more than $200 per hand. If you can only have five hands in play at one time, you'll never be able to bet more than $1,000 per game.

In video poker, the rules depend on the game. You need to set your coin value and the credits. Most games allow you to bet 1 to 5 credits per game. You also have your coin value that may be a penny to $10. A max bet would be the maximum number of credits times the coin value. A 5-credit bet of $10 would cost $50 per deal.

For Keno, you're usually able to bet 15 numbers max. Coin values again depend on the casino, but many let you bet up to $10 per round. You can play up to 10 rounds at a time. That's $10 times 10 plays, which puts the max bet at $100.

Craps usually makes it very easy to find the max bet. Look on the craps table for the “min bet/max bet” limits. You may notice that there is a minimum bet of $1 and a max bet of $500. You can't risk more than $500.

There is one thing to note. If you hit the “bet max button” that appears on games like video poker or slots, it is only activating the maximum number of pay lines or credits. To wager the highest possible amount, you'll want to set the coin value to the highest amount. When in doubt, remember that many online casinos have rules posted or contact customer service through chat.

Why Do Casinos Set Max Bet Limits?

The reason for max bets is to keep a casino from losing revenues. If casinos didn't manage their expenses and revenues, they'd fail. By setting limits, casinos remain in business. This isn't a guarantee, however. There are nights players will be luckier than normal and the casino will end up paying out more. It's called gambling for that reason. Someone will end up raking in some cash.

The other reason for max bets is to control who is playing at a table. If a new player saw a table with max bets of $10,000, that person is less likely to sit down and try that table. There is that potential fear they'd lose too much money. If they do sit down, they're going to bet the least possible amount. This doesn't make the casino money. They set a lower max bet in hopes of getting players to risk it.

One thing to remember about casinos is that it all comes down to luck of the draw or spin. With today's progressive jackpots and substantial payouts, anyone can win a bundle at any moment. That's why it's important to play in the manner that makes you comfortable. Set a daily budget and stick to it. If you've played 20 rounds and not had a win, luck is likely to be on your side. You may want to consider raising to a max bet.