In an age when paying via debit or credit is king, those who prefer to use cash are often left in the dark; however, the revolutionary PayNearMe option makes it possible for anyone with a roll of cash in their pocket to make payments to businesses with minimal effort. Read on to learn more about PayNearMe, or check out the company's website today to start the quick process to paying your bills with cash.

How to Start Using PayNearMe

Choosing PayNearMe to use cash to pay your bills or fund your entertainment choices is definitely a smart decision, and those who want to do so will find that the process is simple. Users can begin by typing the name of the company that they need to pay into a simple web form; once the business name appears as a participant, customers can enter the pertinent information and receive their pay code from PayNearMe. After printing the pay code, choose a neighborhood retailer to complete the transaction; pay codes can also be used on a smartphone, eliminating the need for paper entirely.

Completing Payments with PayNearMe

The final step of making a PayNearMe payment with cash takes the payer to one of several convenient retail locations, including Family Dollar, 7-Eleven, and ACE Cash Express; with more than 17,000 payment locations throughout the United States, it's quite easy to find a place to make PayNearMe transactions. After locating a store that handles PayNearMe payments, simply show your pay code to the cashier, hand over your cash, and rest assured that your bill is paid.

PayNearMe and Businesses

Running a business isn't always easy, but PayNearMe strives to ensure that both customers and companies can conveniently use their services. Businesses using PayNearMe have customizable options, including the choice to select the stores at which their customers may make payments. Entrepreneurs who want to accept payments using PayNearMe will be joining other customer-centric companies who use the service, including H&R Block, Greyhound, and Spotify, among many others.

Businesses can also rely on PayNearMe to help them keep track of who has paid and how much they've spent, and they'll send a notification once the transaction is complete. PayNearMe also offers real-time management of your payments, and the company will provide the information to you in your preferred format.

PayNearMe Easing Cash Payment Hassles for Everyone

Whether you're a customer or own a business that occasionally needs to accept cash payments from clients, PayNearMe works to make it simple to handle cash without the inconveniences usually associated with the practice. Visit the PayNearMe website today to learn more about options for coping with cash for customers and businesses.