Poker3 Heads Up Hold'em

Poker3 from Betsoft Gaming is a new Texas Hold'em offering and while serious players may not be drawn to it, for the casual recreational poker player it offers some great visuals and it's a whole lot of fun. It's a flash based game which means absolutely no download and it offers lightning fast action. There are plenty of poker products around but very few with such stunning graphics and Poker3's have to be seen to be believed. Real online poker players were consulted when creating Poker3 and this has paid off as the gameplay is extremely realistic and with a truly immersive experience created. Due to it being a flash product it will work perfectly on all operating systems and is a great choice Mac users.

Playing Poker3 by Betsoft

First thing to mention is, don't be put off by the stylish graphics and what looks to be a complex set up, as Poker3 is extremely easy to play. You start by choosing your character, of which there are a few and you can play either heads up or a full ring game. The single player heads up version is very cool, and very fast with no waiting around making it perfect for the casual poker fan who just wants to get a game going. If heads up is just not enough poker for you then the full ring game option gives you the full works and is again fast and involving.

Poker3 Summary

It is most definitely the graphics and visuals that are the main attraction to Poker3, as they are by far the games stand out feature. While not for the poker purists out there it offers something very cool for the casino games player to take a look at and will be a hit with many who wish to try something different from the slots and video poker.