If you love playing scratch cards, Betsoft has come out with a unique way to play them - all 12 of them in one sitting. Skratcherz is the newest scratch card game that encompasses cards ranging from $1 to $5. You can earn lucrative payouts, free cards, and a chance to win untold riches.

How to Play Skratcherz

Skratcherz is available at our recommended casinos. All you have to do is to click on the game, and a second screen will appear. On this screen you will see the Scratch Cards on the left side, and the Win Bar on the right. The scratch cards can be found by scrolling up or down using the arrows at the top and bottom. The Win Bar records your wins each time you play a card. It also has scrolling arrows at the top and bottom. At the bottom of the scratch card you will see Purchase and Instructions. To play a card, click on any of the four cards displayed on the left hand side and click on "purchase." The card will then be placed at the center of your screen. If the instructions on the card are too small to read, click on the blue "instructions" button to read the full explanation.

Select a Skratcherz Card

Once you select a Scratcherz Card, right click on your mouse and the cursor will become a coin. Start scratching the circles on the card to see if you are a winner. If you are, it will be recorded on the Win Bar, and your balance will increase. The balance window is located at the bottom left of the card screen.

Skratcherz is a Hoot!

As I mentioned in the opening, there are 12 Skratcherz cards to choose from. I played all of them and came out even. Some cards yielded me free $5 cards, while others produced a few winners. One of the most interesting of all the cards I played was the REEL Winners Scratch card. At the top left of the card a box that spun like a slot reel, revealing the winning numbers. The box below it showed the bonus number. To win, I had to match any of the six numbers scratched out to the winning numbers. This $5 ticket has a special feature. Get three 7s symbol in the bonus box and win ALL SIX Prizes shown. Needless to say, I didn't win, but it was sure fun trying.

Play Skratcherz

If scratch cards are your game, then Skratcherz is the name of the most unique online specialty games to come along in quite some time.