A new payment method is on the scene for avid casino gamers - as well as other web-based businesses used to the convenience of online sales services. When it comes to B2C interaction, after innovation, there must come ease-of-communication, and businesses need to find the best ways to both reach their consumers, and facilitate the payment process.

With the emergence of the portable tablet and Smartphone as primary modes of customer interaction these days, your business has to align itself with mobile devices in trying to reach consumers. This, of course, means greater security is necessary, without compromising ease-of-use. This is where Jumio comes in, with its Netverify technology paving the way for improved, customer-centered e-commerce.

The most important thing about novel ways to conduct online business should be security - even before ease-of-use for the customer. After all, ease-of-use is worthless if sensitive financial data can be easily compromised. This is why Jumio's Netverify places such a premium on security management, such that the ID scanning feature of Netverify is protected by high-level security protocols to ensure the safety of customer data. Your credit information is invisible to potential snoopers on the network, so that you can process interactions with both confidence and ease.

Who is Jumio?

Jumio is comprised of some veritable legends in the general internet and securities sectors. As a member of the elite Top 100 Private Companies guild, Jumio has won awards for being exactly this. The awards have also come rolling in from overseas, with recognition given from the UK on innovation and excellence in the English retail sector - primarily for the innovative Netverify payment solution and what it has done for business interactions.

One of the founding members of the social network king, Facebook, serves on Jumio's Board, in addition to a bevy of security experts. This gives you confidence in their ability to maintain the sanctity of online mobile transactions, removing the risk factor often associated with sending sensitive data over the internet. As a business, once your consumers are aware of this industry-leading security, expect business sales to skyrocket as word spreads. High level compliance with PCI protocols adds extra layers of transaction security and rebuffs both deliberate attempts by sophisticated hackers, as well as the random malware that unscrupulous bots try to install with software downloads.

How Netverify Works

Ease-of-use is Jumio's calling card, so you can expect Netverify to retain this even in the face of the underlying, complex security that supports the system. Since pretty much all mobile devices come with high-resolution cameras these days, documents and identity can be readily scanned for verification on the business end. Scanning is very fast with Netverify, and information is returned in customizable dashboard format to the data team. The speed of the process is a big plus in customer's eyes, and the fact that they don't have to sacrifice security for advancement is the biggest thing Jumio has for it as it continues to expand its reach.

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