Get Ready for a Quick Shot at Slots Success

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Every now and then we bring you a review about something slightly different. Now we must admit, information on this is very sketchy, but we'll reveal what we know at the present time.

If you are reading this thinking you're about to find out about a new slot game, that's not strictly the case. While Quick Shot has been reviewed on some sites alongside lots of online slot games, it isn't actually a slot in itself. Sounds confusing? Let's find out more.

What is Quick Shot all about?

This is a type of slot game rather than a game in itself. No doubt you are familiar with the thrill of playing for online progressive jackpots. Well, the Quick Shot formula, if you like, is a method to provide linked jackpots to games that already exist.

It does sound a bit complex, but the idea has come from an association between Bally and WMS. They are aiming to add the linked jackpots feature with the help of the Quick Shot theme. Many older games will have the Quick Shot treatment, but there is also a newer game called Duanwu that looks to have the feature enabled.

What is Duanwu?

This game is an Asian-themed game with a Quick Shot logo appearing - potentially - as one of the symbols. If you manage to reveal enough of them, you can open one of the chests given to see if you have won a nice prize.

The main aim of having the Quick Shot element in play is that it makes winning jackpots much easier for the average player. You normally have very long odds of winning anything in this situation. However, when you look at the pay tables behind some of these Quick Shot games, you will notice that the usual five-symbol combination doesn't simply pay a high amount. Now, it could actually bring you a chance to scoop a progressive jackpot instead. Isn't that a better way of playing? We think so!

Watch out for the Quick Shot mechanic the next time you play

Watch for games from the Bally and WMS stables to see whether the Quick Shot idea is in play. While there is no guarantee of winning a jackpot (was there ever?) you can look forward to a completely different way of trying your luck with these online slot games if the luck is with you.