Most online casino players struggle to find a secure, easy method to use to make deposits and withdrawals online directly to their casino account. For those looking for an option that allows simple and protected transfers of funds into and out of the casino account, a UPayCard is a great option to consider.

Options to Consider

The UPayCard is a multi-currency type of payment solution that is ideal for an individual to have. There is actually a virtual MasterCard and a traditional card offered by the company, and the virtual option allows card holders to use it immediately upon approval without the need to wait for the physical card to arrive in the mail. The virtual card is literally an eWallet, providing a range of different options for users to manage their money.

The physical UPayCard MasterCard can be used at most ATMs, and all of those accepting cards designated as MasterCard, Cirrus and Maestro cards. It is possible to choose the physical card or the virtual card, but most players will want to have both for the greatest in flexibility and use options.

Security Online

As with all online purchases, or any physical cards, security is an important consideration. All online players should carefully check out the security offered by the casino, and also the security in place through their online payment method and provider.

With the UPayCard, MasterCard security protocol is in place. Purchases or payments and deposits made on the cards can include the use of a personal PIN in addition to the latest in encryption that meets and exceeds online security requirements.

Withdrawing from the Card

There are several options when withdrawing funds from this eWallet system. A card holder can request that the funds be transferred to a designated bank account through a wire transfer. This process requires that the bank account is verified with the first withdrawal, providing an additional layer of security to prevent unauthorized transfer of the funds.

Additionally, if you have a UPayCard MasterCard, the card itself can be used to make purchases from the eWallet. This includes using the card at an ATM to immediately access the cash available.

While still a relatively new deposit and withdrawal option, the use of the UPayCard MasterCard is becoming much more common. With its ease of use, the features of the eWallet and the top security on the system it is an excellent option to consider for online casino deposits and withdrawals.