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If you've been following the News lately, then you're probably aware of the explosive growth of Bitcoin over a period of about six months. Although this growth has given rise to other forms of cryptocurrency such as Ethereum and Chain Coin, Bitcoin still remains the clear king of these forms of payment. If you're an avid online casino gamer, this growth should be of special interest to you, as more and more casinos are accepting it as a bonafide form of deposit and withdrawal. As Bitcoin grows more valuable, you'll be well-positioned to do all the gaming you want at top online gaming halls.

A Few Bitcoin Benefits

So why would you want to use Bitcoin over other types of payment options? For one thing, the worth of the cryptocurrency has exploded in the past year or so, and many experts expect it to grow exponentially more as major vendors and merchants pick it up. Even before that happens in full, you can count on Bitcoin to accept and release your currency almost immediately. Unlike even PayPal and your bank transactions, which can take days and even weeks in the case of wire transfers, your business will proceed instantly after you click the button.

How does this happen? Bitcoin isn't centralized like the other forms of currency; it uses a mathematical blockchain configuration that doesn't require verification by bloated bank systems. This blockchain is computed instantaneously. This is also why you aren't charged any fees to use Bitcoin, because there are no banks around to claim that it costs them money to make the transaction. This fact works out just as well for the gaming casinos, since they need not pay any of the sometimes exorbitant fees that financial merchants charge for the interaction. You no longer have to lose a percentage of your winnings when you accept remuneration in Bitcoin.

Yet another benefit of using Bitcoin is the unmatched amount of privacy inherent in the transaction. Since you're not using a bank or other centralized location, you don't even need to divulge personal information such as address of residence or utility bills to the casino headquarters for verification - you just need your anonymous Bitcoin Wallet so you can receive your funds and make deposits from there when necessary. The blockchain is a massive public ledger that consists of characters - no personal info needed. Any transactions involving your own personal hash are updated on this public ledger, so that it's impossible to cheat the system.

Bitcoin Bonuses

If you're new to Bitcoin and a bit skeptical about it - rest your fears. In fact, you're likely to find casinos that provide bonuses for Bitcoin users, since they save so much money on not having to pay bank fees - it's simply a competitive endeavor to pass a fraction of those savings on to the consumer, in hopes of bringing in more gamers to their online casinos. It isn't just Match Bonuses and Welcome Bonuses, either; you can also look forward to extra Spins and other in-game treats. Check out the casinos that interest you and see what offers they have on tap for any particular weekend that you make a Bitcoin deposit. Just get yourself set up with a Bitcoin Wallet, and you'll be ready to start using this fantastic, hassle-free cryptocurrency.