What Does Pay The Table Mean In Slots?

We've had a few readers ask, “What does pay the table mean in slots?” We think this phrase is being used incorrectly. To be thorough, we want to approach this from all angles.

Pay the Table is actually software used in restaurants to allow customers to settle their bills from tablets brought to their table. It eliminates the need to trust a stranger to take your credit card to an out-of-sight location in another area of a restaurant or cafe. This has nothing to do with slots though.

Some casinos have policies restricting players from paying more than the table limit. This policy is often used in games like Blackjack where there is a limit on how much players at a table can bet. If a player bets more than the table limit, the dealer must explain the policy on paying out on bets that exceed the limit. Again, that has nothing to do with slots.

We're pretty sure people are mistaking pay the table with paytable. A paytable is an integral part of a slot machine when it comes to understanding the rules and payment structure.

Slots Have a Paytable to Help You Understand the Prizes and Rules

In slots, there is a paytable that breaks down the rules of the game, the pay lines, and the potential winnings. We think this is what people are asking when they ask what does pay the table mean in slots.

In a classic slot, the paytable is usually on the same screen as the reels. It's the images and numbers that appear just above the reels. In slots with five or more reels, the paytable is often on another screen. Access it by clicking the button that says paytable or information. Sometimes, you have to bring up the options menu (three solid horizontal lines) to access the menu. If that's the case, look for the “I” or “?” symbols.

Paytables may be multiple pages. As you scroll through them, it usually starts with the payout for wild symbols and scatters. The base game symbols come next. Rules for bonus features and free spins appear next. It's worth reading these to get the best understanding on how to play and what you can win.

Some slot games will highlight the winning line on the paytable. If you win and open the paytable, the line you've won flashes to make it easy to identify how you won the prize.

How to Read a Paytable

Take a favorite game and open the paytable. We're going to use Multiplier Man Slots as an example. To open the paytable, you click the three bars and then the “I”. The paytable opens with a look at the value of the wild at 2 to 750 coins. It also shows you the symbols Wild Multiplier Man replaces and discusses the rules regarding Ken Kash and Multiplier Man symbols.

Continue scrolling through the paytable. It discusses the free spins bonus symbols and the Quick Change bonus instant cash prizes. After this are the symbols like the Multiplier Man logo worth 2 to 200 depending on if the symbol appears on a line two to five times. There are the villains that are worth as much as 175 coins. From there, the paytable keeps going to the poker symbols where the K and A pay 5 to 75 coins, while the 10, J, and Q pay up to 40, 45, and 50 coins respectively.

Rules come next. There are three bonuses in the game and the rules for each of those bonus follows the values of the different symbols. On the very last page are diagrams showing you how the 20 lines are formed. Some go straight across the reels while others take a zig-zag path.

Play slots for fun before you switch to real money play. This allows you to acclimate yourself to the game's rules and structure. Find slots at leading online casinos and experience the thrill of spinning and winning.