Two Neds Ads Already Banned in Australia

It's more bad news for the online betting site Neds. With five ads out, two have already been banned by the Australian Bureau of Standards. The site isn't having a great month when it comes to spreading the word about their offerings.

The Ads

The five ads that Neds has released are:

  • A man in an elevator pushes all the buttons to make the trip take longer for more betting time.
  • Builders spend more time betting than building the house they're working on.
  • A man keeps handing his girlfriend clothes to try on to give him more time to bet.
  • A man allows an old woman to check out before him to get more time to bet.
  • A guy answers the phone and finds a telemarketer on the line, but he tells his friends it's work so that he can go into another room to place bets.

Two Have Been Banned

The two ads banned by the Australian Bureau of Standards were the elevator and builders ads. Neds pulled them from websites and Youtube after receiving the order. There are questions as to why those two ads were banned while the others were allowed.

All five ads drew complains from Financial Counselling Australia who fears the ads promote gambling and gambling addiction. At this point, the Australian Bureau of Standards ruled against banning the other three. It's back to the drawing board if Neds wants to get more ads out there.