Scattered to Hell Slots

If we ever came across a theme for a slot game that is truly a bit creepy, this has to be it. Scattered to Hell comes from the reliable Spinomenal team, and it has a template you might recognize from one or two other entries into their range of slots.

But will it deliver enough to keep you interested once you know how it works?

Reels and paylines

You only get four reels in this game, and there is no need to go looking for paylines as there aren’t any. Instead, your task is to collect matching symbols that can appear anywhere on those reels. There are 12 spots in all, and you have to get at least five of most of the symbols to win something. The most valuable symbols require at least six to be collected.

Bet amounts

A 20-cent low bet will get things moving for you. If you have a much bigger budget you can increase that to $200 a time.

Scattered to Hell valuable symbols

The question mark below the game reveals the pay table. This shows you the monsters that appear on the reels. Some are worth more than others, and obviously the more you can find the more you will win on each spin.

Bonus features for Scattered to Hell

This game has a built-in free spins feature included. You are guaranteed to get some free spins if you have five consecutive spins that don’t bring back a reward. These free spins will then continue until you do manage to win something.

This is a good feature as it means you cannot go through an unending number of spins without winning something. It also means you are able to get some free spins quite often as you play.

Download and play the Scattered to Hell online slot now!

If you have seen other Spinomenal games using this template, you will know exactly what to expect when you start playing this one. It’s a nice theme and a lot of detail has gone into creating those monsters. However, with no special features beyond the free spins facility, this could get a little dull if you want to play for a prolonged period of time.

With that said, if you want to have something very different to play for a change, Scattered to Hell might just fit the bill for you right now.