Cats Gone Wild Slots

That might be the first question on your mind. However, a quick look at the screen reveals these cats have gone disco mad! They’re dressed for a Seventies music experience, and it looks as though they’re having some real fun.

Will you be having some fun in this game though? Let’s check it out so you can decide.

What number of reels and paylines should you expect?

There are five reels here, but you get the same number in terms of paylines too, so fewer than you might think.

What could you bet on this game?

Use the plus and minus keys to adjust your bet from 0.01 to 10. You play all five lines, so that tells you the maximum and minimum bets – from $50 down to five cents.

Does Cats Gone Wild have any special-value symbols?

A smartly-dressed female feline is the wild and it counts for any other symbol except the scatter. This is a cat with a boom box! You’ll get your bet back for two on a line, but three or more will win you some free spins.

Another feature of this game is the Winning Multiplier. If you spin and you don’t win a prize, the Winning Multiplier goes up by one position. This carries on until you win a prize. This is then multiplied by whatever multiplier you have at that time. Once this is completed, the Winning Multiplier goes back to zero.

Could you play a bonus level in this slot?

You do have those free spins to look forward to. The number you have is dependent on the number of scattered cats you get. You’ll get five freebies for three cats, and eight if you get four. Five of the scattered cats gets the best prize, with 12 free spins offered.

Download and play Cats Gone Wild online now!

With balls of yarn, stylish sunglasses, records and more to look for, you can see lots of great features in this game. There is no doubt the Winning Multiplier is a worthwhile feature too, as it means any new win is going to be worth more when it does finally happen.

But find out for yourself whether this game is a good one for you to try. If you get enough non-winning spins, the biggest multiplier goes as high as 15x which is surely worth shooting for.