Demi Gods Slots

If we asked you to find an online slot that featured gods of some kind, it probably wouldn’t take you that long to find one. But there is no need to go looking for it, because we have a brand new one for you right here.

Demi Gods is a cool-looking game that has a standard game screen… plus the temptation of an extra reel to the side. Let’s find out more now.

How many reels and lines could you expect from this game?

The basic game is standard enough, with 25 lines over five reels.

What bid amounts does it allow?

You can start from one cent per line and increase that all the way to $10 per line if you want to.

Can you expect to see any special symbols in Demi Gods?

Well, the sixth reel is a special feature, and it can feature a number of symbols. These could bring you another wild or a multiplier, for example. There are seven possible outcomes from this.

The wild is a hooded Hades and when it appears in the sixth reel it can change other symbols on the main reels to wilds as well. Meanwhile, the scatter is Artemis with a bow and arrow. Get this in the sixth position and you get a multiplier. Get Poseidon there and you get one free spin on the reels for every instance of Poseidon appearing on the main reels.

An Ares wild can expand the second and/or fourth reels if you have Ares wilds on those as well. Zeus is a sticky wild and turns all instances of Zeus in the game to sticky wilds too.

Will you get a chance to play a bonus game?

Yes, you will if you get three dragon eyes on the reels. No further info is given on the bonus, so you just have to hope you can get it…

Download and play Demi Gods now!

The best way to work out what happens in this more unusual slot is to play it in practice mode. It’s a great game and more unusual than many we have seen. However, when you get a chance to trigger some of the special features, it feels like every spin could be a bonus. And that’s without the bonus feature itself!

Play Demi Gods today and see what you can spin into position on the sixth reel!