Florida Man Wins $150k

Talk about starting off 2018 in glorious fashion. Filippo M., a Cafe Casino player from Florida, walked away with $150,000 playing Keno. He didn't do this playing a progressive jackpot game. Keno Draw is a simple game with huge payouts.

How Do You Play Keno?

Keno is a cross between a lottery and bingo. Decide on your bet, pick up to 15 numbers, and see how many of the computer's picks match your picks. You can bet a penny or go as high as $10. You can also select how many rounds to play. Maybe you only want to play once. When you're ready, you can go up to 50. With 15 numbers picked, you'll win a prize if at least 7 matching numbers appear. To win the top prize, you want to match 14 or 15 numbers.

How Much Can You Win Playing Keno Draw?

Maximum winnings depend on your bet. If you bet a penny and get 14 or 15 matching numbers, you win $1,000. With a quarter, you can win $25,000. A dollar bet, which was Filippo's bet, has a top prize of $100,000. Bet $5 and the top prize is $500,000. The highest $10 bet has a top prize of $1 million.

Keno Draw is available online or on your mobile device. Cafe Casino allows you to customize the game by picking the game's color palette, turning the music on or off, and saving favorite numbers. The casino accepts Bitcoin. You also gain $100 refer-a-friend bonuses and special promotions like the 600 percent Super Play Bitcoin Welcome Bonus. Sign up today and start playing Keno Draw at Cafe Casino.