Blazing Tires Slots

If you have played one or two Spinomenal slots before finding this one, you will instantly see how this game is played. It has a number of features they have put to good use in other games as well.

But if this is your first time with Spinomenal, it’s good to find out what Blazing Tires – a road truck-themed slot – has in store.

What number of reels and paylines should you expect?

This is a five-reel, five-line slot, so things are pretty simple here at least.

What could you bet on this game?

Bet amounts in this game are similar to those in other games from this provider as well. They range from one cent to $10 on each payline, from which you can work out your total bet amounts. This is a penny slot for low-budget players though, at as little as 5 cents per spin.

Does Blazing Tires have any special-value symbols?

There are two women representing two symbols in this game. One is the wild, and this has the usual ability to substitute for everything apart from – you guessed correctly – the scatter. This is the other woman we mentioned.

Could you play a bonus level in this slot?

We mentioned the scatter above, but it can deliver more than a prize for two or more. It might also deliver free spins for three or more. You get a different number depending on whether you have three, four or five scatters. In short, you would get five, eight or even 12 free spins.

Download and play Blazing Tires online now!

This is a solid game and newbies to some of the more traditional Spinomenal slots will definitely enjoy it. But we don’t really think it has anything particularly good on offer… apart from the winning multiplier feature. Every losing spin you have sends the multiplier up a notch. This means the more you get, the bigger the multiplier will be when you do eventually win a prize. The highest one is 15x your prize, so that could be well worth waiting for, don’t you think?

Check out the Blazing Tires game now to see if you can set this game alight with our review behind you. Look for monster trucks and other related symbols and see whether you can collect enough on a line to make a big difference to how you play.