Wacky Monsters Slots

This slot sounds like a lot of fun before you even get started, doesn’t it? You certainly get a good mix of very odd-looking monsters here – wacky really isn’t the word for it!

So let’s look a little closer… if you are brave enough to look those monsters in the eye of course!

Reels and paylines

You have nine lines to bet on here, so the game is very accessible for everyone.

Bet amounts

If you like games that allow you to bet one cent a time, this one is for you. However, if you like pricier bets you can always increase the bets here to $10 a time on each line if you like.

Wacky Monsters valuable symbols

The wild looks horrific – it looks a bit like a monster mummy as it’s wrapped in bandages. It replaces all the other symbols you will find apart from the scatter, which is a pretty common rule.

As for the scatter, well… this really does look frightening. It’s a gooey-green monster with three blue eyes. It looks as though it’s dripping… but you will want to see it because it offers up 10 free spins when three or more make an appearance.

Bonus features for Wacky Monsters

How would you like to have a winning multiplier of up to x16 in play? The multiplier you can get depends on how unlucky you are playing the game. We know, it sounds odd. But if you get an unsuccessful spin, the multiplier goes up one position. So, the more failed spins you have in a row, the higher that multiplier goes. And when you do win, the value it has reached is applied to whatever prize you have won.

This is a good feature as it means there is a limit to how unlucky you could be! You might also be in a position to get smaller multiplied wins if you get a couple of unlucky ones in a row before winning something. It’s certainly better than having unsuccessful spins where nothing happens, which is often the case on slot games.

Download and play the Wacky Monsters online slot now!

Wacky Monsters has some really bizarre monsters on the reels. It’s a good game though, and you’ll be happy you gave it a try. How many of the bigger prizes could you potentially win, we wonder, will the monsters’ help?