Wild Times Slots

Going wild on the slot machines is something a lot of us can identify with. Now we have a slot that is literally called Wild Times… but will it live up to that title?

The game itself is bright enough – there are elements here from classic games but it also has its own well-defined look. You could end up getting some seriously good wins out of the game, but it’s worth finding out more about this modern slot first.

Let’s start with reels and paylines

You have three reels here, but there are three rows across as well, providing you with five paylines in all.

Coin values in play in Wild Times

Your minimum stake per active line is two cents. This can be increased to $100 per line.

What about any Wild Times special symbols?

The wild symbol says just that, and it replaces everything else if it shows up on reels two or three in the main game.

If you get a wild as part of a win, you will also get a multiplier courtesy of the Wheel Multiplier. This is applied to whatever you won. If you get two wilds as part of one win, you get two multipliers which are then multiplied with each other to get an even bigger win.

Is there a bonus round?

No, but there is a chance to play a Big Bet game. This increases the ways to win from five to 27. There is also a chance to enjoy bigger multipliers if you should get a chance to trigger them. A Big Bet game is made up of five spins that play one after the other.

There are four levels available when you choose the Big Bet option via the BB button to the right of your screen. Depending on the level you choose, you will get bigger multipliers as you go – up to 10x your bet when they are applied.

Make sure you download and play Wild Times slots today!

This game is really a two-in-one game where you have the option to try for bigger prizes as you play. This is very unusual because most games have a specific number of paylines or ways to win. Here, you get to choose how you want to approach the game. We can’t think of another game that allows this.

Give Wild Times a try today and see if it unlocks any wild times for you!