Sweepstakes Casinos

It's not difficult to source some online casinos to play at. Indeed, if you have looked around online for a while, you may realize there are some sites that are a little different to the rest.

We're talking about sweepstakes casinos - sites that could best be described as casino-style sites rather than actual casinos. They work using the sweepstakes format, which means there are no deposit or withdrawal facilities to use. Instead, if you win a sweepstakes prize, you will redeem it.

Confused? We've laid out the basics for you below.

You can use these sites as social casinos

You'll spot the social media link in force for these sites, as it does appear quite often. These sites provide lots of games you might see at other casinos where you do pay to play the games.

In the case of sweepstakes casinos, though, you'll play them as social gaming titles. This means you do not pay to play them. You can use these sites without it ever costing anything, since that's not the format they use.

Know the coins in use at sweepstakes casinos

There are two kinds, and the ones you choose to play with will determine what happens when you play the games.

There are Gold Coins for starters, and you usually get some of these for joining the casino. Plenty of sites offer daily login Gold Coins too, so you can collect more to play with. You use them to play the games and to see whether you can scoop more Gold Coins, but these aren't worth anything and are just for the social casino games.

You also have Sweepstakes Coins, and you'll need to use these if you want to try and win a sweepstakes prize. Since there are strict rules concerning sweepstakes, you must never need to spend anything to get these. There are lots of ways you can get some. One common method is to purchase Gold Coins and to find some Sweepstakes Coins given away as part of the offer. If you play a game with Sweepstakes Coins and win a prize, you can convert those SCs into a cash prize.

Redeeming cash prizes at sweepstakes casinos

You typically need to have a minimum amount of Sweepstakes Coins for them to be redeemable. This varies from one sweepstakes casino to another, but they should have sweepstakes rules you can follow to find out the answer.

It's not enough to gain a collection of Sweepstakes Coins either - you must play them first. Prizes won while using Sweepstakes Coins are then redeemable once you've got enough.

Check out sweepstakes casinos online today

They're often the only way to legally access slots and other casino-style games in the US if you live in a state that prohibits standard casinos from offering their wares online. Check the rules, research the site, and see whether you get the appeal that comes with sweepstakes casinos. We think you will.