Sevens Kraze Slots

We all know the number 7 is regarded as lucky among some people. Now you will get to find out whether it’s going to be lucky for you.

Merkur Gaming has come up with a game called Sevens Kraze, and you might guess that it takes on the classic fruit machine style of gaming we’re all more than used to. But does it offer anything unusual to make it really worth playing?

Well, it’s bright enough and easy to play. The pay table is accessible on the bottom left, while the choice of lines and coin values is at the bottom right. Let’s see what else the game has to share.

Let’s start with reels and paylines

You’ve got five reels and 10 paylines to look at here, so that is pretty good if you want to cover everything affordably.

Coin values in play in Sevens Kraze

The coin values here range between the low one-cent bet per line and the maximum amount of a single dollar per line. This means even the max bet is pretty low compared to a lot of other slots.

What about any Sevens Kraze special symbols?

This is a really bright game – almost neon – so you can expect plenty of bright fruit and other symbols here, including the number 7 itself, of course. The number 7 substitutes for eight other types of fruit in the game.

You can also get a gold star on a circular gold background, and this will give you 15 free games if you manage to get a minimum of three of them.

Is there a bonus round?

The details above are as good as it gets with Sevens Kraze – this is a classic-style game, after all. You have a wild and a scatter (the gold star) but other than that you’ve got no other bonus opportunity other than those free spins.

Make sure you download and play Sevens Kraze slots today!

This is a great game if you like something more basic. It sits in-between the classic three-reel games and those with many reels and complex rules and features. So if you want more reels to spin and more than just the one line, this one could be for you.

If you do snag a win, the symbols involved in the win tend to bounce around so you can see what you won and how. That’s pretty good to watch, too!