Barcrest Slots

Barcrest has been around way longer than you may realize. While they have become known for developing some cool online slots, they originally developed slot machines for use in UK pubs. You can find their name dating back to the late Sixties!

Today, though, we are going to look at three highlights from the many great games waiting for you in their online collection. We found it tough to choose just three, so head over to their collection to find out what else you can try there.

Barkin' Mad

This is a light-hearted game that is ideal if you want to pass the time playing a slot that isn't too complex. It's very bright and takes place in a backyard. We guess it belongs to one of the pooches in the game.

The Big Bet feature seen in lots of other Barcrest games is present here as well. There is a wild and a logo scatter, which can bring you some free games. Better still, if wilds appear and you don't win anything, they can sometimes hold to the next spin to see if they can help you there.

Monopoly Bring the House Down

Barcrest is the developer of several official Monopoly slot games. These are all lots of fun to play, but this is one of our favorites. It involves Hot Zones that can turn into wilds on the reels. The scattered Monopoly logo can bring you some free games.

Meanwhile, the Hot Zone green houses can also turn into random red hotel wilds if you're lucky. That gives you more reason to keep watching those reels. You might even upgrade to a combined wild and scatter symbol.

Rainbow Riches

The original and best? We think it might be. Barcrest is the name behind the famous Rainbow Riches slot game, and they have since released several sequels for this too.

One of the best things about the original game is the presence of three bonuses. You can attempt to trigger the Wishing Well bonus, the Road to Riches bonus, and even the Pots of Gold bonus. Each one has a different trigger and offers something different to enjoy. How many will you manage to play if you give this slot a try?

Barcrest games are always a lot of fun. Are these the best ones of all in their collection?

Try and Hit the Top Spot with Barcrest

If you were in the top spot, what would you expect to experience? It often means coming top of the class or a group, or perhaps winning the biggest prize in a competition. So, what does it mean to play the Top Spot slot game from Barcrest, we wonder?

If you enjoy playing striking games that aren't afraid of bright colors, we think you will like this one. It has a familiar Barcrest feel about it, with a stage presentation going on too - complete with curtains!

Reels and lines

There are five reels to play on, together with either 10 or 20 lines to play on. Playing the standard game means you will get 10 playable lines. Meanwhile, if you choose the Big Bet game for a bigger wager, you get 20 lines.

What could you bet on Top Spot slots?

Bets go from one cent per line here to the biggest total bet of $500. There should be something in that mix to suit most people, we think!

Does the game have special symbols?

Expect a mix of traditional symbols to appear in this one. You shouldn't expect to see a wild or a scatter, since the game doesn't feature either of them.

Are there bonuses to trigger?

So, are there any special features you might see here? Well, the game is called Top Spot, and this relates to the special reel that appears above the main reels whenever you win a base game prize. You want to see the additional reel land on the same symbol that won you the prize. If it does, the reels on which the winning icon landed will all transform into that icon and nothing else. As you can imagine, this can guarantee you will win lots more prizes from that Top Spot feature… but only if it matches.

Download and play the Top Spot slot now

It's up to you whether you want to activate the Big Bet feature in the Top Spot slot game. Those with bigger budgets probably will do so, especially since the bigger bet grants you double the win lines with multipliers involved as well. However, you must select the right option to suit your budget.

Top Spot is a simple game on the surface, enhanced by the Top Spot feature itself. Will you try it out to see what you think?