Silent Movie Slots

Silent movies were the original movies, and we have a lot to thank them for. Our modern day movie industry stemmed from these early beginnings, and now we have a chance to look back and see just how great those early films were.

Silent Movie is a great slot from IGT, and the details you’ll spot on the screen are quite stunning. It’s clearly set in a movie theater, which is rather appropriate, so let’s see whether you can hope to grab some good prizes.

Let’s start with reels and paylines

Okay, so you have 30 lines in play (all of which you have to bet on) and five reels.

Coin values in play in Silent Movie

You have to bet a minimum of one credit per line on the game, and this can go as high as 30 credits per line.

What about any Silent Movie special symbols?

The startled-looking film character is the highest-paying symbol for five on a line. The Silent Movie logo is a wild and can appear on any of the middle-three reels. This will substitute for a variety of other symbols.

Meanwhile, the Jekyll and Hyde symbol is also a wild, and it stands in for two other symbols as depicted in the pay table. It’s worth having a look at this so you get the rules for all the features in this game.

Is there a bonus round?

The bonus movie tickets can grant you entry into one of several bonus rounds. Two of these plus another movie poster bonus sends you into the relevant bonus round for that poster. This could be the Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde bonus, the Trip to the Moon bonus, the Muddy Romance bonus or the Keystone Kops bonus.

Each of these bonus rounds will bring you a certain number of free spins, along with various other features such as multipliers and extra scatter symbols, depending on which round you are playing.

Make sure you download and play Silent Movie slots today!

This could be a new favorite for us. It is a really stunning game with so many details and an impressive set of reels to play.

With four bonus features to unlock, don’t be too surprised if you end up playing this one for a while. We gave it a try and we’ve gone back to it several times already!