New Microgaming Slot Max Damage and the Alien Attack

If you like your games with a lot of action and full of astounding graphics and sounds then look no further than this slot. Although Max Damage is classed as a video slot it's more like stepping back in time to the arcades of the 1980's where you would find games such as Space Invaders, Defender and Asteroids. You get to play the hero during the game as you fight off alien space ships whilst trying to gain as many game credits as you can, and to say that this game is fun is an under statement.

How to Play Max Damage

Once you have got your head around the fact that this is no ordinary video slot, the game itself is surprisingly easy to play. You start the game with six lives and your aim is to keep as many of those lives intact as you attempt to progress through the levels. To reach the next level you have to destroy all of those enemy ships by either shooting them down or crashing into them, and when every last one has been obliterated you get to level up. It does get more difficult with each level as you will have to shoot down even more enemy ships. As you pass through the levels your credits increase and if you make it to the top level, which is the ninth, you will have accumulated a nice amount of cash. Max Damage also has some nice features to help you along the way, such as boosters, shields and free play rounds.

Max Damage is the Max!

This is the very first game of its kind and takes online video slots to a whole new level by giving players the chance to win cash whilst effectively playing an old style arcade game. It even has a leader board, just like the old days. There is no progressive jackpot, however if you are after something different and a whole lot of action then you have found it. So fire up your very own spaceship and help save the planet by playing the outrageous Max Damage and The Alien Invasion.