Immortal Romance - Haunting Online Slots that thrill

The Immortal Romance slots theme is based on the twilight sage, and comes complete with music that is haunting, graphics that will take your breath away. With a standard five reel but the best part is the incredible 243 paylines giving you phenomenal chances to win.

The success of wilds; scatters and free spins with multipliers do make it even more excitiing. There is also the Wild Desire & Rolling Reels feature that's sure to keep the players on the reels.

Immoral Romance Characters

There are four interesting characters and each one has a role to play on the game and of course your winnings as well. Sarah is the central character and she is accompanied by Troy, Amber and Michael, each character has its own unique bonus round giving free spins depending on who appears. Sarah is the one who offers the highest number of free spins and also has A Wild Vine feature.

Slots games are becoming more and more interesting with new features and players derive much enjoyment to see the animations, stunning graphics and accompanying music to complete the game.