Five Great Slots, One great Place

Sloto Cash Casino

Superb themes and games that are visually stunning with features that years ago we could only dream of. Here's a quick run down on five of the best new slots that can give you hours of entertainment, along with a little something special for of all you roulette players.

Polar Explorer Slots

Polar Explorer SlotsPolar Explorer is an amazingly well designed new slot with, literally, a cool theme. This game takes you out on the ice and snow where you have to steer clear of the polar bears and get home with the goodies. The symbols and features are all based on what you would expect to see in a slot of this theme, you have the Explorer, The Polar Bear, The Compass just in case you get lost in this land of ice and snow and the playing card symbols. It has a scatter and a wild symbol and also offers free spins along with a nice jackpot of $5000. The bonus game is great to play and the free spins come around regularly making this new slot a must play game!

Loch Ness Loot Slots

Loch Ness Loot Slots What an awesome and creative title and theme this new slot has! Loch Ness Loot whisks you off to bonny Scotland and the rolling hills of the highlands. This has to be one of the most fun themes to be seen today, with awesome visuals and a soundtrack that make you want to book that flight and head over to find Nessie yourself. The game itself is well designed and has all the characteristics of a quality modern video slot. The Wild symbol, the scatter symbol, free spins and a great betting range to boot. You will giggle the hours away with this slot, so get your bagpipes, pack your back and head off in search of the famous monster of Loch Ness!

Bulls and Bears Slots

Play Bulls and Bears Slots now!Bulls and Bears Slots new slot is all about the money and the good life that comes with it. We all like a gamble now and again, and this slot takes you to the world of the stock exchange where millions, even billions of dollars are gambled each day. It's an appropriate theme for a cool progressive slot, because you do get the chance to win big playing with small stakes...every brokers dream! The symbols are very well designed and here you will see the broker, piles of cash, gold bars, the sports car and of course the rather cool boat. Again, it comes with everything you would expect, wilds, scatters, free spins and a maximum cash jackpot of a sweet $10,000. Try your luck on the markets today!

The Three Stooges II Slots

The Three Stooges II SlotsThe Three Stooges won the hearts of many Americans way back when, and now they are at it again on an amazing video slot. When playing this game, the graphics are so cool, you occasionally have to stop and check that you are actually playing a game and not watching the TV! This slot is a traditional style 3 reel slot that has been brought right up to date and offers many of the features a modern 5 reel video slot. It offers free spins, a wild symbol a bonus game and a multiplier making it an all action slot to play that will remind you of the good old days and keep you smiling away for hours.

Builder Beaver Slots

Play Builder Beaver Slots Yet again, another great slot with an original and wonderful theme. Builder Beaver takes you out into the American wilderness and lets you see first hand those dam building beavers hard at work! It really is a joy to play this machine and the symbols and features all fit so well with the game. We have the beaver himself, the wood for the dam, flowers, apples and pine cones...all those things that remind you of the great outdoors. Builder Beaver gives you all the touches of the modern slot with, wilds, free spins and scatters with a jackpot of $10,000! So stay indoors and get outdoors today!

Multi Player Roulette

Coming soon is a fresh new way to play roulette online. It's a whole new game now and is just like being at the casino! No longer are you alone at the wheel, as you get to spin with other players and either bet with them or against them! If you see a player on a hot streak then maybe you should follow their lead, when it turns cold, do the opposite and let them follow you! It's a fun way to play and this is the way forward for online roulette!