WMS Release Spider Man

The technology involved in creating this slot is mind blowing, ok so it's not available online yet but all it takes is some bright spark to figure out how to get it online and we could have a whole bunch of these things coming our way in the not too distant future. So what makes this slot so special? This slot is built on a whole new platform that includes Sensory Immersion participation and a motion sensitive chair! It's the second type of such slot in the world coming just after the release of Aladdin and the Magic Quest. You become fully immersed in these games and the graphics and features just blow you away. The Spider Man slot has six spider senses features of which details will be revealed at the Sands Expo, but needless to say they are going to be awesome. With technology and development teams constantly pushing the boundaries of what's possible you just never know what's around the corner and as these type of slots grow in number it really is just a matter of time until we see something similar online.