IGT Releasing Television-Inspired Games in 2013

American Idol: Encore Gold Slots

American Idol: Encore Gold slots is a 30-payline game with a max bet of 300 coins. The game offers a number of bonuses that include three bonus games: Celebrity Judges Wheel Spin, Sing for Your Life, and Text to Vote. There's a progressive jackpot, wild reels, and random multipliers.

The Beverly Hillbillies: Millionaire Mile Slots

The Beverly Hillbillies have been adored for decades, and now the charming family comes to slots. The game includes clips from the show and has a max bet of 500 credits. There's an Elly May's Match bonus where you can win the progressive jackpot, Clampetts Free Spin bonus that rewards you with free spins, and the Millionaire Mile bonus where you can win progressive jackpots or a trip to the following bonus features. Mr. Drysdale's safe awards players random multipliers of up to 5x. Other bonus features include Granny's Rheumatiz Medicine or Jethro's Jobs.

CSI Slots

The new CSI video slots features the characters from both the original CSI and CSI: NY and CSI: Miami. The minimum bet to cover all paylines on this game is 40 coins. Bonus games include a Crime Scene pick and choose bonus, a Crime Lab bonus game, and a Trace Evidence bonus game.

Family Guy Slots

Family Guy slots features all of the characters from Family Guy, including Stewie, Meg, Peter, Chris, and Lois, along with Brian the dog. Bets start at a penny and there is a minimum bet of 50 credits to cover all paylines. Bonus features appear on a second screen and there are multi-level progressive jackpots.

Judge Judy Slots

Judge Judy's become one of the biggest names on reality court television, building on the fame of Judge Wapner's The People's Court. Judge Judy slots offers penny bets and a minimum bet of 50 coins to cover all paylines. The slot game has a Spin for Justice bonus feature where you side with the plaintiff or the defendant and then learn of the trial outcome in terms of bonus prizes.

Sex and the City: Out on the Town Slots

Sex and the City: Out on the Town slots packs on the bonus features. There is the Dress to Impress bonus game, the Perfect Pair bonus, the Big Night Out bonus, Grab a Cab bonus, The Fabulous bonus, and Touch of Sparkle Group bonus. You play as one of the five girls, and that dictates how the base game and bonuses work. Bets start at 50 coins to cover all paylines, and there's a maximum bet of 300 coins making this a great choice for high rollers.