NetEnt Live Brings the Casino to Players at Home or on the Go

Mobile online betting has grown by leaps and bounds in a very short period of time and now the development team at industry leader, NetEnt, has created a system that will give clients an advantage in the latest trend in online casinos mobile live gaming. NetEnt Live is new software system that allows bettors to play live table games anywhere and anytime with any mobile device through either Wi-Fi or a 4G connection. NetEnt started this project with the goal of giving clients an innovative starting point in live table gaming and the early talk in the industry is that they have succeeded in doing just that.

A Deeply Thought Out Development Plan

The development team at NetEnt left nothing to chance and used every available resource they had in creating Mobile Live. The team made players a priority and interviewed real online gamblers of multiple experience levels in an attempt to create an environment that catered to the needs of all who choose to play it. Over 15,000 man hours went into designing and developing the company's newest creation that will offer approximately 75,000 hours of streaming content a month. NetEnt made the release of their newest software global with 150+ dealers of 22 varied nationalities with the ability to speak 25 unique languages. NetEnt Live will start with Roulette and two versions of Blackjack but possibilities for expansion are almost endless.

The Most Realistic Roulette Available Online

Roulette players are a group who prefer a more traditional style of play, have a specific routine and very rarely wander away from the roulette table. NetEnt Live will allow these players a way to enjoy their favorite casino game wherever they may be without giving up any of the routine and tradition that many have grown accustomed to. This is real-time Roulette with an experienced veteran dealer and a balanced wheel just like those found in land-based casinos. The software allows for interaction between the dealer and the player; it also allows for the live game to be broadcast in vibrant HD wherever the player may be.

Hitting 21 on the Run

The other two options available for NetEnt Live users are Live Blackjack and Live Common Draw Blackjack; both games feature a unique experience for all Blackjack players. Live Blackjack is a standard seven player table with a dealer; tables will vary by wager size and language of the dealer. If players need to wait for a seat at the Live Blackjack tables to open up they can choose to play Live Common Draw Blackjack. Live Common Draw allows for an unlimited amount of players at each table with a specific bet size and language.

NetEnt Gives Online Casino Players Innovative Options

The new software by NetEnt will allow for the customization of the software to fit each online casino's needs. Customizable backgrounds and player interaction are the two main strengths when choosing software for a casino's newest online addition; NetEnt has made the transition to live play smooth for those who use the groundbreaking software.