Mobile Games are Taking the Casino Market by Storm and Leading to Big Changes

For years, players have turned to flash and free casino downloads to play their favorite casino games. Tides are turning. Studies find that a larger share of the market is turning to mobile casino gaming. SuperData Research finds that free casino downloads on PCs fell by eight percent. Players tapping into online casinos have dropped to 49 percent. Meanwhile, mobile gaming's increased to 85 percent.

Other Interesting Study Results

While mobile casinos may be all the rage, there were a few other interesting tidbits discovered in the study. Players using mobile casinos get bored easily. On average, it was found they switch apps within eight months. They also spent less than an hour per session, while PC players tend to spend more than an hour playing their favorite games.

Players using mobile devices also deposited half the money that players using a computer tend to deposit. As a result, while more players are embracing mobile casinos, they're not spending as much money. That's certain to impact the industry.

What Happens Now

It's really up to mobile casinos to meet the changing needs and interests of players. Improvements in mobile devices and technology continue to allow mobile casino operators to add better games and graphics. There's already a shift of players playing traditional casino games like slots to more advanced games like the popular strategy game Clash of Clans. Players are tossing aside apps that offer dozens of games for those focusing on specific genres.

With a larger catalog of games and faster transactions, it's not going to be surprising to see mobile casinos attracting more players. What do you hope to see in the future? Keep watching and you may find your mobile casino wishes coming true.