Monopoly Slots

How many Monopoly slots have you played so far? One, maybe more? There are several of them to try - Monopoly City Spins, Monopoly Rising Riches, Monopoly Paradise Mansion… even Monopoly Bring the House Down can be found at several sites online. But why are there so many Monopoly slots around and why are they reaching such a wide audience?

The first reason is the enduring nature of the original board game. Even today, the board game sells well in its many variations. There is something we love about Monopoly that just won't go away, right? Secondly, we think transferring the game into slot game format has been a huge hit. It gives us a different way to enjoy the best features of the game. Monopoly fans love these slots and slot fans love trying something familiar in the guise of the game they love.

The third reason is simply the familiarity these slot games bring us. While each one has many different features involved, they all have those familiar game pieces, the guy with the top hat and mustache, Community Chest, Chance, and go to jail. They may work in different ways in each game, but you always know they are there in one way or another. We hope new slot versions of this game will be released in future too. Even if you don't like them all, you are sure to find one or two favorites in there to play whenever you are in the mood for some property trading fun!