Cash Stax Vs Cashino

Will this be a tough choice, we wonder? We thought we would pit these two similarly-titled games from Barcrest against one another to see what happens. Both have some good features to look out for, but we think one does rise above the other. Can you guess which one we're going to choose?

Cash Stax

Will this one win you any stacks of cash? That is the hope. The game design is very basic, even though it has five reels in play. You can expect the usual Big Bet feature here if you want to bet more to trigger more potential benefits with each spin.

There is a wild joker involved, so watch out for him to make some appearances. The base game has 10 paylines but playing bigger bets will open the way to either 20 or 30 paylines, depending on how much you wager. Watch out for the golden O's to appear, as these can trigger some free games.


Will Cashino beat out the Cash Stax for a chance to reign supreme? It looks more detailed than the previous game, offering a nice logo that appears as one of the symbols on the five reels, too. There is a wild joker in this game too, and you only need two jokers or two Cashino logos to win a prize. All other symbols pay for three or more.

The roulette wheel scatter can trigger the Roulette Bonus, while the card scatter will unlock the Card Bonus. There is a dice scatter too, triggering the free spin bonus. In each case, three matching scatters will trigger the relevant bonus.

Our verdict: Which game proves to be the best?

It must surely be Cashino, mustn't it? How many slot games can you name with three bonus features to try and win? Cashino obviously makes the most of the casino theme, factoring in three bonuses related to various elements of casino play. One of those offers some free spins, and those are always welcome in a game.

It is good to know you can try either of these games without betting any real coins on them, thanks to the demo mode. If you have checked out Barcrest games before, you may already have seen these. If not, try them today to figure out if you prefer one over the other. What will you decide?