Why You Should Play At An Online Casino Versus A Traditional Casino

When one thinks of organized gambling, normally the gleaming, and glitz of the Las Vegas strip, instantly come in mind. But with more and more traditional casinos shuttering, especially in Atlantic City, New Jersey, players from around the world can satisfy all their gambling needs, right in the palm of their hand. Below are some of the reasons to consider an online casino over a traditional casino.

Reason Number 1

Unless you live in the state of Nevada, where gambling is legal throughout the state, its hard to find casinos that can be readily reached. When you book your flight and your hotel, it can quickly get very expensive. And that's where online casinos come in. With several online casinos accepting multiple currencies and players around the world, online gamblers can set up an account, and try their luck within in minutes, right in the comfort of their home, or on their preferred smart device.

Reason Number 2

Many online casinos accept Bitcoin. While most, if not all of the traditional casinos do not accept the baseless, digital currency, known as Bitcoin, online casinos are quickly adapting to use this currency. In fact, there are pure Bitcoin casinos. The beauty of Bitcoin is that it foregoes the need to make withdrawals and deposits from a traditional bank account.

Reason Number 3

Winning it big. If you do hit the jackpot at a traditional casino, the winnings will have to be verified by the casino management, before they write you a check. This process is not always smooth nor instant, and considering how many other people in the casino witnessed your big win, your new found fortune can quickly become your worst nightmare in the forms of envy and theft. Winning big at an online casino is perfectly safe. Seeing that you already are a member, and that most of the online games are licensed and monitored for fairness and accuracy by third party companies, your hard earned wins can be processed and received within days.

Reason Number 4

The promotions. While traditional casinos often lure gamblers to the casinos with discounted hotel stays, online casinos typically offer welcome bonuses for new members, as well as cash back promotions, daily promotions, and in some cases, birthday bonuses. Online casinos like most traditional casinos, have a rewards and VIP club. They also reward you by getting new members to sign up to an online casino, versus a traditional casino.