Gladiator Slots (Playtech)

Gladiator Slots (Playtech)

Gladiator Slots will steal your heart and have you playing for hours. This Gladiator themed slots game allows you as a player to experience what it is like to be a gladiator. Players from all over the world will not be disappointed. You can play the free version or place wagers.

This game is from Playtech and is based on the Hollywood movie, Gladiator. It is also one of the most popular games at online casinos. One of the reasons for this has to do with the way the game is designed. It has spectacular graphics. It is ideal for those who love the Gladiator movie.

The game is based on this very popular movie in which Early Rome is in the battle of determining who is the city's best leader. A General is betrayed by an Emperor's son and the General's family all die. The General then becomes a Gladiator that fights within the Colosseum of Rome.

Game Facts for Gladiator Slots

As a high tech video slot game, Gladiator Slots will satisfy everyone with the highest expectations. The game allows players to bet anything from £0.01 to £0.20. There are five reels and 25 paylines to play on. Anyone who plays Gladiator slots game will have a lot of lines to wager on.

The symbols of the game include characters from the Hollywood movie. The game also plays clips from the movie, along with the soundtrack from the movie. This thrills players and draws them more into this slots game. Images from this game include the Gladiator, Commodus, Colosseum, Gladiator Mask, Maximus, Lucilla, the Face Cards and cards from A to 9.

The scatter symbol is the Coliseum and the Wild symbol is the Gladiator Mask. The jackpot for this game is a large amount and can be as much as 5000x the amount you wager.

Gladiator Slots Bonus and Features

There are at least two bonus games or features available. These are the Colosseum Bonus and Gladiator Bonus:

The Gladiator Bonus game is quite profitable and players can be awarded between 9 to 45x the amount wagered. These symbols must appear on rows 2 to 4 for players to enter the Gladiator Bonus round. Most people will receive at least 14x. This bonus round is triggered when the three Gladiator masks appear on the reels. A movie clip will start and then the Gladiator Bonus game will show nine masks. This gives you many different bonuses on the helmets that are awarded to you.

The other bonus game is the Colosseum Bonus. This feature is so much fun. What players must do is make the correct selection by looking under four different rows of stone blocks in the Colosseum wall. This Colosseum Bonus game is triggered when the scatter symbols or at least three Colosseum symbols appear. This will allow players to win free spins. The bottom stone layer will give free bonus games. The second layer will add a multiplier. The third layer of stone for this bonus game is a another scatter, whereas the fourth layer will give you another four wild symbols that will add to the win. Therefore, in this game, the right choices for you can award between 7 to 14 free spins. There is also a multiplier that is attached to the game of 2x or 3x. Any player that receives between 7 to 9 spins will give an fourth scatter or wild symbol. Any player who receives the Commodus Bonus symbol on the third reel during this time can win three more bonus games. So now is the time to play Gladiator Slots now! You can take advantage of two bonus games that will increase the money you have won. Just spend time enjoying great graphics and clips from Gladiator!