VPN for Online Casinos

There are many reasons why you might use a VPN – a virtual private network. Some people use them to protect their identity and surf safely. Others might use them to make it seem as if they are in another location. This can allow someone to access a site that wouldn’t otherwise welcome them.

VPNs are a common topic that crops up when reading about online casinos and betting sites. You’ve probably attempted to visit a casino before and found you could not do so. Many betting sites and casinos use geo-based technology to determine where you’re from. In doing so, they can block people from countries that cannot sign up to the casino.

This seems reasonable – after all, most casinos and betting sites cannot accept players from all over the world. They can only accept those visiting from countries that are covered by the terms of their license.

So, with that in mind, let’s check out what you need to know if you are considering using a VPN for online casinos.

Should you use a VPN to access online casinos?

As we mentioned above, many casinos use the latest technology to make sure only those from accepted countries can visit the site. This means that if a casino does not welcome players from the US, and you live in the US or are visiting the country, you should not attempt to access that casino even with a VPN.

It might seem tempting to use a VPN to make it seem as if you’re in another part of the world, but you would be going against the terms and conditions of that website. You’ll find there is a standard entry in most T&Cs for online casinos that states you must not use a VPN to gain access from a prohibited jurisdiction.

Now, it’s true to say that a casino may not identify that you’re using a VPN or that you’re from a country that isn’t welcome there. However, if they do ever realize you’re breaking their terms and conditions, you’ll likely lose access to your account. They’ll ban you and you may well lose any cash you’ve got in your account too. This could mean missing out on winnings, and that’s never a good thing.

When can you use a VPN to access a casino?

Let’s assume you’ve joined a casino that welcomes players from your resident country. Let’s also assume that you’re on vacation and outside your country. You might fancy playing at your favorite online casino, but when you attempt to visit it, you run up against the geo-blocking technology in use on that site.

Here’s where a VPN will let you gain access to your account, simply by switching your location to make it seem as if you’re at home as usual. We would say, though, that it is best to check the rules for the individual casino, to make sure players can follow this method where possible. This might well mean reading the complete set of terms and conditions – not the most exciting thing to do, but certainly essential if you are to protect your account and make sure you’re able to legally play.

Stay safe by using a VPN to secure your internet connection

VPNs are all about encryption. This means you can use a VPN to securely connect to the internet instead of hopping online as you usually would. Now, that may not be much of an issue if you’re at home – you likely have a secure password-protected connection, a firewall, and so on.

But what if you’re out and about and you want to access your favorite online casino? In this scenario, it’s not just about accessing your casino account from another country. It’s about staying safe. In this case, you wouldn’t be safe if you were using a public Wi-Fi connection, since you wouldn’t know if anyone else nearby was attempting to steal your data.

Clearly, you wouldn’t want to make a deposit or withdrawal from your casino account if you were using a public connection. But… switch to your VPN service on your smartphone, and you’ll be much safer.

Does this mean it’s always best to use a VPN when accessing an online casino?

We believe so, yes. We’ve seen how a VPN gives you an added layer of protection – it doesn’t just let you visit a casino from a different country when you wouldn’t otherwise be able to do so.

Sure, it provides security whenever you’re out and about and tempted to use a public Wi-Fi connection. However, it also means your personal information will be kept as secure as possible, unable to be accessed by anyone who may try to do so. Threats can come from many directions, not just from opportunists who might be sitting nearby. A reliable VPN will provide protection even in your own home. You can add the browser extension created by your VPN provider to make sure you can benefit from a safe connection whenever you require it.

Choose your VPN service wisely

It’s true that there are several free VPNs you can download and use if you wish. They do offer a basic service, but you will usually get far better protection if you invest in a paid VPN service. There are plenty to choose from, and you might want to consider a service you can use across multiple devices too. It should be good for your computer, your smartphone, and any other mobile devices you might have.

Does a VPN mean you can sign up for any online casino you wish?

Not necessarily, although you can certainly visit many sites that you wouldn’t otherwise be able to check out. In truth, it comes down to the individual laws in place in each individual country. Some countries prohibit all forms of gambling and are very strict on this point. At the opposite end of the scale, you can find countries that are relaxed about online gambling. And of course, there are countries in the middle of those extremes – countries that impose rules and regulations but do allow people to access online casinos.

The bottom line is to know the rules in whichever country you are in, and to make sure you abide by them. You should also know whether you can access your account at an online casino if you go outside the country on vacation, for work, or for some other reason. Remember too that laws can change in any country at any time, so it’s wise to find out the latest for any country you are thinking of using a VPN for.

The US is an interesting country to look at because each of the 50 states takes its own approach to online casinos and online sports betting. You can play at online casinos if you’re in New Jersey, but not if you’re in Florida, for example. Some states only allow residents to play at these casinos, while others are a little more relaxed and allow anyone within state borders to play there. You can see how complicated things can get.

What’s the bottom line here?

Let’s return to the terms and conditions of an individual online casino website. These lay out the rules you are expected to agree to if you want to sign up and open an account there. It is common to read these rules and find a mention of using VPNs to access the casino. These rules will tell you whether you can use a VPN to access the casino, and if so, under which circumstances you can do so. Make sure you are clear on those because if you assume it’s fine, you could end up losing access to your account and funds later.

In short, using a VPN is certainly something worth doing if you are keen to sign up and play at any online casino. Even if you choose a casino that’s legal in your state or country; even if you don’t intend to play at the casino when you’re away from home; you should always take advantage of the security a VPN offers.