Triple Flamin 7's Slots

Triple Flamin 7s Slots Is a game that fully embraces its slot nature, for better or worse. Featuring a 3d rendered backdrop that makes you feel like you are sitting pretty right on the Vegas Strip, Triple Flamin 7s Slots combines standard gameplay with nice aesthetics in an easy to understand package that soon becomes addictive the longer you play. Featuring a big jackpot and a lot of heart, Triple Flamin 7s Slots is designed to appeal to slot players that only have one thing on their mind: winning. If that sounds like you, give Triple Flamin 7s Slots a go. We enjoyed it in our review here, and think you will as well, provided you are in for a face paced money machine, and not a more in depth slot going experience.


The premise of Triple Flamin 7s Slots is that it is a slot. This is both the charm and limits of the game, for better or worse. It is a slot and the titular 7’s are what you are aiming for, looking just like a slot machine you would find in a casino. It is simple, to the point, impossible to misunderstand, and in some ways refreshing. Let it be known, however, that what you see is what you get, so if you do not like what you see in the screenshots, know there is not much more to it than that, which is by design.


The graphics in Triple Flamin 7s Slots are pretty good. For what they are, anyway. Everything is well rendered. The look of it all is crisp, clear, colorful, and compelling, making you feel pretty excited when you look at it, and all fitting together pretty well. Some people will find the look of the game trying to be an old time slot with modern graphics refreshing. Other people may find it a little barebones for their taste. We personally enjoy it, and found ourselves liking the inherent honesty of the game, but to each their own. The 3d rendering in particular came out pretty well, which is not something we can say for many slot games currently on the market today.


Triple Flamin 7s Slots Plays it safe here when it comes to mechanics. With only 3 reels, there is nothing to learn, and nothing to get used to. There are no bonus rounds or flying bears or make believe scenarios to fight through, only good times had in the company of a digital slot. This is part of the game’s appeal, so we are okay with it. There is a nice jackpot in store that is always in clear view as well, harkening back to the draw of early casino slots that many games today have long forgotten.


+ Classic theme + Nice graphics + Decent jackpot


- Standard gameplay - No attempt to innovate - 3d rendering is nice but still could have been better


Triple Flamin 7s Slots Is a nice slot that does nothing to keep you from playing and winning in rapid fire succession. Doing away with motifs and pretentious elements at times found in other slots, this is a game that gets right to the point, does so well, and rewards players with a decent jackpot for the trouble spent trying to get it. If you are new to slots, looking for an accessible one, or are a jaded vet that is sick of themed slots that only get in the way of winning, Triple Flamin 7s Slots is a game made just for you. We really enjoyed our time with it, and recommend it to players of all types. If you like what you see in the screenshots, you are in for a treat.