Hot 7’s Slots

Longing for a trip down memory lane to the casinos of years gone by? If you are then you definitely will want to find an online casino offering Hot 7's Slots . This old school classic type of slot machine is a true find for those that love the look and feel of a real casino slot machine experience while still enjoying the comfort of your own location. The realistic looking slot machine screen, the uncomplicated rules, the progressive jackpot and the simple to understand paytable make this a must play slot for those that are feeling lucky.

Basic Is Better

This is the perfect slot for a newbie to online slot play or for someone that has been playing for years. The coin value is fixed at fifty cents so all you have to choose is the number of coins to play. You can play just one or you can play maximum bet with 5 for a total bet of $2.50 per spin. For those that want to hit the progressive playing the maximum bet of five coins is the way to go. The progressive jackpot total is displayed on the top of the screen, allowing you to watch the winning potential rise as all players spin the reels. There are three reels with one payline, which is clearly marked with a red line that runs across the reels. Like all older styles of slots the reels appear to be divided and the sound effects compliment traditional slot machine action.

Symbols To Watch For

A combination of fruits and sevens make up the symbols on Hot 7's slots. You will see lemons, plums, cherries, and watermelons along with bells, stars and all the various colors of sevens. Cherries and stars with any other symbols is a win as are two bells, lemons, plums and watermelons. The big payouts are found with the sevens include the red, blue and flame sevens with the sizzling hot 7's winning the progressive jackpot. Sevens can be with all colors combined or as solid blocks of 7s that are the same.

Getting Back To Simplicity

While the new video slot games offer a lot of features and extras, there is really nothing like enjoying a classic slot game. Since you can easily change your wager amount this is a perfect game for someone that just wants to dabble in online slot play or someone that wants to wager some serious money. Playing Hot 7's is a fun way to spend some time at the slots the next time you are online, plus the progressive jackpot gives the slot terrific winning potential.