Queen of Riches Slots

Queens from all corners of history show up in slot games all the time. So what makes Queen of Riches from Big Time Gaming any different?

You’ll soon see the details, but you’ll first of all be impressed by the game screen you are faced with. A detailed Egyptian backdrop is there to greet you, but even the reels look different in this one.

Want to know more?

Let’s start with reels and paylines

There are six reels spinning in this one – yes, six! And wait for it, this is a massive 2160 Megaways slot, which means you have that many ways to win with each spin. Phew!

Coin values in play in Queen of Riches

Despite the number of winning ways you could get, you only have to play 20 cents a time at the minimum. The biggest bet is forty dollars.

What about any Queen of Riches special symbols?

Symbols can vary in height, as you’ll see when you play. However, you will also see they pay left to right.

The game also has full-reel wilds, which as the name would suggest, take up an entire reel. They count for as many as seven icons when they appear and grant a huge 7x multiplier. What’s more, if you get two full-reel wilds in a winning combo, the multipliers multiply by each other. Seven times seven is… a massive 49x multiplier! The wilds can appear on all but the first reel.

Reel clones are also featured in the game. This means between two and six reels can be made identical, maximizing your odds of wins.

Is there a bonus round?

No… but with the number of features mentioned above, you really won’t miss it.

Make sure you download and play Queen of Riches slots today!

This slot really has to be played to be fully understood. With an unusual number of reels and ways to win, you really never know what the reels will look like after each spin.

You can play in demo mode if you like, which is actually the best way to see how a prize can be won. It is quite common to get several wins with one spin, so if the luck is with you, you might even trigger a massive multiplier to get an amazing win. This could be one game you keep on coming back to.