Hold It Casino Slots

Okay, well we actually played around with the title of this new slot game from Novomatic a bit, because it is actually called Hold It! Casino. While the design looks more in keeping with a five-reel slot, it does feel as though you are playing a proper casino one-armed bandit machine. And the Hold It part of the title is going to be very important, as you will see.

What can you expect in terms of reels and paylines?

This slot game has four reels – yes, just four – and 10 paylines.

Does Hold It! Casino have a good range of coin values?

It does - you can get started with just 10 cents per spin, which means you’re wagering a cent per payline. You can however move up to a total bet of a huge $500 if you like.

Can you expect to see any special symbols?

You have to get three matching symbols to win a prize. Three Hold Its will win the biggest prize, which is dependent on your bet level.

The Hold It is also the wild symbol for this game. If you get one or more on one or more reels, they will hold in place and everything else gets a re-spin. This allows you to try and get another winning chance out of one paid spin – or even a single win. The Hold It feature only triggers if the original spin was not successful in gaining a prize.

Is there a bonus level to find?

There isn’t, but you do have the option of using the gamble feature. There are red and black symbols towards the bottom right of your playing screen. If you win, these will flash, inviting you to see if you can double your money. Click the one you want to go for. If you guess correctly, you will double your prize. If not, you will lose the original prize. You can do this a number of times, and you can also collect at any time.

Download and play the Hold It! Casino online slot today!

The simple addition of the hold feature and the gamble element makes this game a lot more exciting than it may at first appear. If you are ready to enjoy a nice slot game you haven’t tried before, maybe the Hold It! Casino game will be the one for you to get lucky on.