WilMonopoly Big Event Slots

Barcrest has released what will surely be one of the biggest slot games to be launched this year. Bearing the famous Monopoly name, this slot has a Big Bet game option that will appeal to players who want to bet with a little more cash and more opportunities than others.

But let’s take a closer look to see what else the game can offer.

What can you expect in terms of reels and paylines?

Things start easily enough, with five reels and an assortment of 20 paylines.

Does Monopoly Big Event have a good range of coin values?

The line stake begins at one cent, and you can increase that to $25 per line at the most.

Can you expect to see any special symbols?

Remember all the game pieces you have in Monopoly? Well, they are all here, including the cute little dog and the car. The wild is a simple symbol bearing that word, and there is a chance to win 2,000 coins if you get five on a single line you’ve bet on.

If you play the Big Bet game, you can bet either 20.00 or 30.00 on the game, and each one has different features. For example, the 20.00 game has the perk of offering you a progressive win multiplier value. The other game offers this and Epic Spins too, as well as a Persisting Wild Big Event feature.

Is there a bonus level to find?

Watch for the Monopoly Big Event symbol. Three of these will trigger the Big Event Bonus round. The symbol appears on odd-numbered reels. If you get four you will get a House Sneak Preview, and five wins you a Hotel Sneak Preview instead.

You also see the Community Chest and Chance cards in the bonus feature. The Community Chest will feature free spin amounts and guaranteed win amounts. The Chance cards show you bonus icons, and you have to match three of these to win the corresponding prize.

Download and play the Monopoly Big Event online slot today!

This game is really as good as you wish to make it. With the chance to go big and enjoy the Big Bet game (which consists of five spins per game) you have the option to win more and access more features than you may do otherwise.

So try playing Monopoly in a whole new way with this brand new slot game today !